How it works

How it works

Kazi was created to provide affordable products, services and deals globally: an avenue for companies to increase sales through a discounted sale of their products while providing extra income for professionals through referrals.


Make 5-10% easily

It is not a get rich quick scheme. But you are rewarded for every referral you make.

Use Your Network

Recommending our products & services to your network of friends and colleagues.

We are the Side Hussle

Thinking of starting a business? This can be a guaranteed way to test your sales & marketing skill.

We make money, you make money

For every successful referral that comes through you, you make money once we receive payment.


You tell us about someone interested in our products or services, We do the pitch, we win the contract, client pays, we pay you.

Professional Support 24/7

We will support you through our Whatsapp, phone or email channels to make your referral experience worth while.


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